Ending poverty and inequality. Fully funding quality schools. Keeping our city affordable for working families. Respecting the dignity of all work. Addressing gun violence through community -- not overpolicing. Tackling the climate crisis. Here are my priorities for leading Philadelphia to a brighter future. They are deeply personal and based on the People's Platform that I was honored to work on with the Alliance for a Just Philadelphia. Check out the full platform here.


Affordable Accessible Housing for All

Whether you rent or own, there is no question that the cost of living is going up in our city. Keeping Philadelphia affordable for longtime residents is the immediate challenge before City Council -- and one that will define our city for years to come. As someone who has been both a renter and a homeowner, we need comprehensive housing policies that ensure all Philadelphians can stay in our city and protect both renters, homeowners and people facing homelessness.

We need to:

  • Enact rent control legislation, including the right to counsel for all housing-related civil cases

  • Increase funding and land for truly low-income and accessible housing

  • Address increasing property taxes

  • Stop sheriff sales

Healthy Funded Schools in Every Zipcode

For our schools to thrive, we need increased funding from both the federal government and the state -- and it’s time for the city to demand the developers, universities and corporations pay their fair share to our schools. With local control of our schools, City Council must now use its budget powers to address some of the critical issues facing our schools.

We need to:

  • End the 10-year tax abatement once and for all

  • Collect Payments in Lieu of Taxes from large universities

  • Immediately clean up of all toxic lead, asbestos, and mold, remove rodents, and fix faulty electrical and poor ventilation in all schools

  • Fund support and trauma treatment for the victims of gun violence, their families and the community, in addition to vital afterschool and summer programs

Protect the Dignity & Respect of All Work

Philadelphia continues to be the largest poorest city in America. As someone who has been employed with a pension, underemployed and unemployed, I know first hand how poverty can impact all parts of your life.

To let all Philadelphians to thrive, we need to:

  • Make sure low-wage employers who fail to pay their employees a living wage pay back the city for the costs of poverty

  • Support workers fighting to unionize, win fair contracts and demand that one job should be enough

  • Adequately enforce pro-worker ordinances, including informing workers of their rights, for bills like fair work week, wage theft, paid sick days and the domestic worker bill of rights

  • Ensure our taxes protect low-income residents and that wealthy corporations are paying their fair share

A Philadelphia Green New Deal

As a mother and grandmother, we need to be doing more to make Philadelphia a leader on addressing climate change. We can’t wait around for things to change on the federal level. And that means we need a Philadelphia Green New Deal.

We need to:

  • Stop all new fossil fuel expansion

  • Move Philadelphia to democratically controlled 100% renewable energy system by 2030 through unionized job creation that prioritizes Philadelphia's working class and communities of color’

  • Increase City Hall’s investments in community-owned renewable energy projects by communities of color and low-income neighborhoods