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We are strongly supporting

Kendra Brooks for City Council At-Large

Dozens of local unions, leaders and organizations are standing together!

Photo of Josh Shapiro

Josh Shapiro

Pennsylvania Governor

Photo of John Fetterman

John Fetterman

Pennslyvania Senator

Photo of Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas

Philadelphia city council at-large

Photo of <p>Jamie Gauthier</p>

Jamie Gauthier

philadelphia City councilmember, district 3

Photo of <p>Nikil Saval</p>

Nikil Saval

PA State senator, SD-1

Photo of <p>Rick Krajewski</p>

Rick Krajewski

Pa State Rep, HD-188

Photo of <p>Chris Rabb</p>

Chris Rabb

PA State Rep, HD-200

Photo of <p>Elizabeth Fiedler</p>

Elizabeth Fiedler

PA State REP, HD-184

Photo of <p>Larry Krasner</p>

Larry Krasner

philadelphia district attorney