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About Kendra

Delivering for ALL OF US

In my first term on the City Council, I have worked alongside community members and my fellow Council-members to return power back where it belongs -- in the hands of the people.

There’s much more to do to build the city that we all deserve, one where housing is a human right, where our public schools and City services are fully-funded, where our communities are healthy and safe from the threat of gun violence, and where everyone has access to a good-paying, union job. I am committed  to making this vision a reality because I believe in the power of working people coming together around a shared vision for change. Are you with me?


I entered public service because after years of advocating for neighborhood public schools and organizing against gun violence, I knew that working people like me deserved a seat at the table. As a Black mom from North Philly, I experienced the breakdowns in our governing systems firsthand, and knew that if I didn’t stand up to fight for communities like mine, no one else would.

Growing up in Nicetown, I saw how years of racist housing policies, low wages, under-funded schools, mass incarceration, and a crumbling social safety net broke apart families and robbed my generation of a chance to enter the middle class. As a young mom working my way through college, I understood the power of the labor movement as a proud member of 1199C. Later, I worked my way up to a good position at Easterseals, providing services to young people with disabilities and their families. But when a Republican governor slashed our state budget, I was laid off and left with few options and lost my home.

Across Philadelphia, thousands of people are one missed paycheck away from losing stable housing just like I was — and that’s not right. I bring my lived experiences into City Hall, because I believe that we can fix our broken systems and make government truly work for the people. And I know firsthand that by addressing the housing crisis, fighting for livable wages, and ensuring our young people have the resources they need to live full, healthy lives, we can build power from the ground up and win the city of our dreams.


I believe in the power of everyday people coming together around a shared vision for change because it’s the only way we can change our system to work for the many, not the few. Whenever I’ve been told no, I’ve built strong relationships with directly-impacted people and formed broad coalitions to forge a path to victory. And I bring that same approach to my work as a City Council-member.

Working Families Party
MBA, Eastern University BS, Temple University AS, Community College of Philadelphia

Key Accomplishments

  • First Working Families Party member of the Philadelphia City Council.

  • Emergency Housing Protection Act, prevented thousands of Philadelphians from being displaced and cut evictions by 75%.

  • Expanded funding to mobile crisis units, providing non police response to mental health crises.

  • Renters Access Act, groundbreaking reforms to the rental application and screening process, leveling the playing-field for low-income Philadelphia renters.

  • Restored Parks + Recreation funding to pre-pandemic levels.