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Fighting for a Philadelphia where working families thrive.

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Fighting for a Philadelphia where working families thrive.

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“As the first-ever member of the Working Families Party elected to City Council,

I made history when I joined this body, and am proud of the work I’ve done to deliver for working class people. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the financial devastation that followed, and the country's racial reckoning, I’ve fought tirelessly for a more just Philadelphia that leaves no one behind. And I’m only getting started.”

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Fighting for Workers and a Fair Economy

Philadelphians deserve an economy that works for all, not just the wealthy and well-connected. In the City Council, I have fought for policies that would allow us to make deep investments in the public services that our communities need to thrive: our schools, libraries, parks and recreation centers, and mental health services.

Housing as a Human Right

Every Philadelphian deserves a safe, affordable place to live and not live in fear of it being taken away. But right now in Philadelphia, rental unit and first-time home prices are skyrocketing and residents are being pushed out of their communities. With many of our seniors and low-income residents on the brink of homelessness, it’s time to fight back.

Keeping Us Safe and Upholding Justice

As a lifelong North Philadelphian, my daughters and I are no stranger to the devastating impacts of the gun violence crisis. As a city, we must treat gun violence like the public health crisis that it is, and align our communities around a courageous, bold vision to address it.

Protecting Our Reproductive Rights

I believe that the right to an abortion is one of our most essential freedoms–one that allows us to govern our bodies and the course of our lives.

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